JTrueblood_small.jpgDr. Jennifer Trueblood is Associate Professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University. She is interested in understanding (1) how people make decisions when faced with multiple alternatives, (2) how dynamically changing information affects decision processes, (3) how people reason about complex causal events, and (4) how different perspectives, contexts, and frames can lead to interference effects in decision-making and memory. To address these questions, she develops probabilistic and dynamic models that can explain behavior and uses hierarchical Bayesian methods for data analysis and model-based inference. Currently, she serves as president of the Society for Mathematical Psychology and helps co-organize the Women of Mathematical Psychology group. CV 

Current Members


Kyndra Cleveland, postdoctoral fellow


Andrea Liberman, Honors Student


Payton O’Daniels, Research Assistant

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Nathan Evans (University of Amsterdam), postdoctoral fellow 2017-2018
Lisa Guo, Ph.D. 2017
Percy Mistry (Stanford), Ph.D. 2018
James Yearsley (City University London), postdoctoral fellow 2015-2017
Siyuan Yin, M.S. 2017

Undergraduate Students

Aneesha Dasari
Lin Fei (University of Chicago)
Grace Huang
Kevin Jin
Paul Kim
Jared Ohlund
Megan Woodruff (Microsoft)
Mingqian Wu
Daier Yun